We all have times in our lives when we are searching for something more. We realize that we can be happier but we don’t know how to make that happen. We may desire to live life more authentically.

It's time to sit in The Adult Chair.

Michelle makes it real. Whether it’s energy work, or just person to person advice, Michelle makes the information clear and practical so you can begin to heal yourself. No airy-fairy-ness, no silliness, just progress.
— Jessica


Sometimes we feel stuck. We wonder, “how did I get here?” Life can be difficult and answers can be hard to find. We lack passion. We get stuck in bad relationships or bad jobs. We suffer from anxiety or depression looking for support and direction in life.

As a holistic life coach, counselor, and passionate teacher, Michelle offers a unique blend of traditional counseling, ancient healing modalities, and leading-edge psycho-emotional strategies to help you regain balance and find your path back to your true self where your passion, clarity, and peace reside. Most sessions with Michelle include a strong dose of experiential work using the Adult Chair model to help you embrace change using the power and patience of your higher self.

In individual sessions, Michelle will help you find direction in your life, explore deeper aspects of yourself, and learn tools and techniques for getting unstuck. Beyond the in-person experience, you will also be given “homework” that will allow you to continue your journey of learning to live life from an empowered place with emotional balance, even when the circumstances of your life are challenging. Learn more about Michelle's individual practice and begin your journey toward lasting growth and balance. 


The healthiest of relationships happen when each partner knows who they are and have self awareness about their own triggers and issues as well as their needs and wants. This signifies someone who is sitting in their Adult Chair.

When we are in our Adult Chair, we express from the healthiest part of ourselves. From here, we live with fact and truth and stay away from assumptions and made-up stories, or guessing about why my mate did such-and-such to us. We speak up for ourselves and set boundaries. 

Most of us were not shown how to do this growing up so we were left to figure it out on our own. This leads to feeling triggered by our partner, wanting them to change (so that we feel better), arguing, misinterpretation, affairs, or ultimately divorce.

In couple’s sessions, the first goal is to get healthy individually. Couples are taught the Adult Chair Model of Transformation to apply with themselves first and then to integrate this within the relationship. When we learn how to operate in relationships from our Adult Chair, we are in the present moment, respond versus react, act from a place of compassion for self and our partner, are open to learn more and are vulnerable which builds true intimacy. Learn more about Michelle's couples practice and begin your journey toward a harmonious relationship.