24: Communicating with our Inner Child — A Session with Sarah

We get triggered, feel painful emotions and go into “fix it mode.” The answer to our triggers and pain is to find the core emotion and go into it. This is where true healing occurs. Bonding with our Inner Child is the only way to do this.

In this episode, I have an excerpt from a session with “Sarah” who is learning about the chairs and how to bond with her inner child. It’s the part of the session right after she discovers the feeling of “I don’t matter.” We work with her inner child, bond with her and she ultimately finds peace. 

23: How do I find my Adult Chair in the middle of an emotional storm?

The concept of the Adult Chair is simple. We live in the moment, in fact and truth, set healthy boundaries, feel empowered and we become an observer of our lives (and not stuck in the drama) and make decisions for our lives. Sounds like a wonderful idea, right!?

What happens when we get stuck? When we feel overwhelmed, not in our bodies, scared, can’t think straight, afraid to make the wrong decision etc. How then can I bring in my adult?

In today’s podcast we discuss ways to do this. To find peace and regain balance in a storm. 

21: Grounding and the Energy of the Earth with Sarah Weiss

This week, talk about our energy, what it means to ground, the critical role of relaxation — and how the vast majority of us don’t really know how to relax! This episode is a bit longer than normal. Sarah gives us the gift of a grounding meditation at about 11 minutes in. I hope, once you listen to this episode, that you’ll keep it around and practice your own grounding with Sarah.

20: Open Up to Voice Dialogue with J. Tamar Stone

Our guest today is J. Tamar Stone. I’m so excited to introduce Tamar’s work to you today as she is not only capable of amazing things, her concept of Voice Dialogue and Body Dialogue fit absolutely perfectly into the work we’re doing in The Adult Chair! Tamar walks us through her process of finding our primary and disowned selves and shows us how we uncover our sensitive inner child.

17: Finding Hope in the Face of Life’s Greatest Challenges

Karen Campion is one of my very favorite people. She’s a holistic therapist and her inner child and alternative therapies have helped so many people find peace and freedom from pain in their lives. I’ve invited her to join us today to share her amazing story of recovery from a life of incredible pain, and her journey through her own inner child connection that lead her to physical recovery.

11: Codependency: I'm OK if You're OK

Codependency is a sign that we may not be living from our adult chair. This week, we take on codependent behavior from the perspective of the chairs, and talk about how stunted emotional growth can keep us living in our adolescent when it comes to some of the most important relationships of our lives. Join us, and share your learning with us, too!