Sessions with Michelle

32: Returning to your Seat of Power

Some days, it just feels like the world is conspiring against you. These are the days that shake our confidence, our sense of peace, our ability to relate to others — they’re the worst! The trick to living in The Adult Chair is not developing some magical skill to erase these days from your life. It’s developing the skill to recognize when you’ve been knocked out of The Adult Chair, and to move yourself back into it to rediscover your Seat of Power! Today on the show, I’m sharing my own Day of Days and some key strategies I use to find my way back to my Adult Chair.

24: Communicating with our Inner Child — A Session with Sarah

We get triggered, feel painful emotions and go into “fix it mode.” The answer to our triggers and pain is to find the core emotion and go into it. This is where true healing occurs. Bonding with our Inner Child is the only way to do this.

In this episode, I have an excerpt from a session with “Sarah” who is learning about the chairs and how to bond with her inner child. It’s the part of the session right after she discovers the feeling of “I don’t matter.” We work with her inner child, bond with her and she ultimately finds peace.