71: The Challenge to Change Black & White Thinking!

Black and white thinking the adult chair podcast

What is black and white thinking? It’s thinking in extremes and absolutes. We’re forsomething or against something else, and in between there is nothing. Something is good or bad, healthy or unhealthy, successful or a failure. Of course, as you’re reading this, you probably think the whole concept sounds ridiculous, and you’re right! But of course, that’s the danger here: many people are unaware that they are black and white thinkers.

Why do people do this? Thinking in absolutes helps us to feel safe, that at least in this area, we understand the world, maybe we control it a bit. Gray area represents misunderstanding, lack of control, and it’s scary and unsafe.

But black and white thinking can also create anxiety and depression. It’s a function of our Adolescent Chair, and today we’re going to help you get a handle on your own absolutes, find consciousness, test some of your own black and white positions for your Adult Chair!