48: Are you an empath?

The Adult Chair Podcast 48 Am I an Empath

Do you feel emotions deeply? Do you know how others are feeling, sometimes before they do? Do you struggle with fatigue or overwhelm? You may be an empath. 

This show is all about empaths. It's more than a discussion of what it means to be empathetic. Having the skill to put yourself in others' shoes is great, but not our focus. Today's conversation is all about those of us who live in the world and can't turn the empathy off. 

Our hope is that after listening to this conversation you'll have a better sense of your gifts, and the rhythms that make you you. We discuss the traits of an empath and how to exist in the world if you are one. Finally, we have some great ideas for empath kids to help them learn to protect themselves energetically when the world around them gets loud. Join us!