15: Tapping Your Way to Pain-Free with EFT

I can’t wait for you to hear this podcast—it may be the most fun I've had hearing Pete have his mind blown!

This week, we're talking about EFT, or "Emotional Freedom Technique." You may have heard of it referred to as tapping for short, and it's one of my favorite tools for helping my clients break free from anxiety, depression, generalized stress — even physical pain and performance issues! It involves tapping along your meridian system with your fingertips — the very same meridians you may be familiar with in acupuncture — to help move clogged emotional energy through your system. 

First things first, listen to this show. Pete was dealing with shoulder pain related to an injury and I talk him through EFT to address it. After you do that, head over to my resources page here for a quick video walkthrough I recorded just for you! You'll be up and running, tapping away stress, anxiety, frustration, cravings, and so, so much more in no time!