95: Creating Personal Change from The Adult Chair

We’re in the middle of January right now and if you’re like most of us, you’re probably already giving up on some of your well-intentioned resolutions that you set on New Year’s Eve. That’s completely normal, even though it’s likely disappointing. This week on the show, I’m going to give you a whole new way to think about accomplishing your goals: Making Change from the Adult Chair.

79: Raising Teens from Your Adult Chair with James Wellborn

Listen to Dr. James Wellborn on The Adult Chair Podcast

We all want that one manual for parenting teens but where is it? What do we do when we find out our teen has been drinking, using drugs, or vaping? For parents, this can be triggering and scary! Our goal is to learn to parent from a healthy place, and that’s when we learn to parent from our Adult Chair. This means we stay present, we respond vs react, we set healthy boundaries and have honest (and sometimes tough) conversations with our kids to keep them safe through their teen years. In this conversation with Dr. James Wellborn, we gain some new and valuable tools on how to parent from a healthy place while our teens test, push boundaries, and experiment, from high school and into a healthy adulthood. 

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76: Mindful Eating from The Adult Chair

We’re continuing our series on mindfulness and food this week with a conversation on Mindful Eating. What does it mean to eat mindfully? Which chair are we usually in when we eat? What happens to your body when you approach food from a place of mindfulness and gratitude? We’ve got some answers for you, and five key messages you can tell yourself to figure out how to get in better touch with your body, to listen to it, and begin making decisions that serve your overall physical and emotional health!