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Many of us grow up learning to please others, to give up our personal space to ensure others are ok before ourselves. We violate our personal space and drop our boundaries in order to not offend others, maybe we walk on egg shells, attempting to keep the peace, forgetting we are betraying ourselves in the process. This meditation is to teach others how we want to be treated. It’s a meditation that re-programs our misbeliefs about ourselves and helps us to learn how to improve our sense of self and how to set boundaries.

Let us journey.

You Are Worthy — a Guided Meditation with Michelle Chalfant

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This meditation is to teach others how we want to be treated. It’s a meditation that re-programs our misbeliefs about ourselves and helps us to learn how to improve our sense of self and how to set boundaries.


This meditation helps you to cut and release the old, dysfunctional cords that are tethering you to your relationships to allow the relationship to become what it needs to be.


This meditation will reprogram the thoughts and beliefs we hold of ourselves that constrain us, those that prevent us from being who we are truly meant to be in the world. 

This is a meditation to release anxiety, stress and worry. Find a comfortable position, close your eyes, and allow yourself to relax and become fully present. 


A healing inner child meditation for codependency, negative programming, and lack of self-love.


The illusion reflects that we must go find love, that it exists outside of us. The truth is that we are nothing but love, and we don't have to do anything to get it, for it is within. Let us journey inward.

We spend a lot of time searching for who we are on the outside of us when the direction we need to go instead is on the inside. 

Let us travel.

This month we've been discussing what it means to live as an empath, taking on the emotional and energetic burdens of the world around us. In this month's meditation, I offer you a cleansing and grounding journey, a meditation to center you and help you find peace in noise. It is also a meditation for cleansing chakras, and we'll walk through each in meditation today.

This 5-minute meditation promotes relaxation, healing and self- love. It’s a wonderful meditation for emotional healing and/or physical healing or for anyone seeking greater peace in their lives. 


No time for meditation? No more excuses! In one minute this meditation promotes relaxation, brings you back to balance and create a sense of peace. It’s a wonderful was to start your day and do during the day whenever you need to re-center and de-stress. 

This 10-minute guided meditation will take you through a seven step process to increase your manifestation success. It is an easy to follow creation process that includes the key steps in creation, using energy centers of the body to bring the creation down through you and into your reality.

Many other manifestation strategies don’t work well, as they are missing key elements to bring forth your desired creation. This process has been tried and proven and works!  Let me know how you like it, would love to hear from you.

This 10-minute meditation will help you relieve stress and anxiety all year round. With a daily practice, you'll begin to find great inner strength from meditation — I hope you'll use this to begin to discover the emotional freedom that is possible!


Do you feel stuck? Do you continue to fall into the same dysfunctional patterns? This guided meditation helps to clear those patterns and make way for new empowering experiences. 

We use this meditation to find and access our Inner Child. This is the part of us that is the container for our true feelings, true needs and innocence. 

This is a guided heart opening meditation.  It helps with opening our hearts to love from others and in loving ourselves. 


Clears away old stories and limiting beliefs that are keeping us stuck and are in the way of living our most authentic lives. 

A guided meditation for purifying our selves and releasing old, disempowered thoughts, wounds and emotions (both unconscious and conscious) and uncovering our true selves. 

A guided meditation for when we feel scattered, spacey, “not all here.” Grounding helps with focus, feeling present and awareness. It is beneficial to do this meditation daily.  When we ground we are anchoring ourselves into the earth, which can be a very healing ritual on all levels.