YOU are God

The idea that we are part of God is a hard one to swallow. It has come up numerous times this week with my clients so I wanted to write about it. We forget who we are when we come to earth because of our ego. The ego is the part that says, “I am separate” “I have an individual identity.” This is an illusion.

The truth is that we are all a slice of God and have no idea how amazing we are, how powerful we are….we forget when we are born It's the ego's job to make that happen.

Think of it like this, if God is a giant cloud in the sky, each and every one of us is a raindrop from that cloud. We land on the earth for awhile (our lifetime), then we die and get evaporated back into that cloud.

Another way of looking at this is we are all individual waves and God is the ocean.

I bring this up to subtly remind you that YOU are LOVEABLE, YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE A POWERFUL CREATOR. You might have just forgotten.