What's With My Anxiety?

With everything going on in the world I find it time to address some questions people are having on why they are experiencing so much fear and run away thoughts that lead them into anxiety, sadness or even mild depression. There are a couple factors to consider as to why we are feeling so much fear.

The first is that of law of attraction. This law states that like attracts like, in other words, like thoughts attract more like thoughts.

The second is the amount of fear on our planet right now. This is happening for a few reasons. The first we can consider is Iraq and the war we have participated in for years. Secondly we have had numerous natural disasters over the last few years.  Lately these events have been one right after the next, major catastrophic events all over the US and even the world, from hurricanes and flooding to earthquakes. How does this affect us?  When one single person has a fearful thought, it literally launches out of us and finds other like thoughts and they collect or clump together. This is also known as the collective consciousness, a collection of thoughts that collect that are similar.

Think of the smog in San Francisco. It’s a thick layer that rests over the city. This is what happens to all of our thoughts only it’s two fold. All of our fearful thoughts get launched out into a collective consciousness “smog” in our atmosphere that sits there and continues to accumulate. Here’s the problem, we not only add to it but we have easy access to it when we have a fearful thought. Remember because of law of attraction, like thoughts attract like thoughts, so when we have one fearful thought, we have an entire planet wide collective consciousness of fear that we pull from that adds to our already negative feeling. It literally dumps into our own consciousness when we have one negative thought.

The third and final ingredient to this is something people are already talking about which is 2012. I plan to write a separate posting on this but for now I will say that with 2012, it is NOT the end of time, in fact it’s a very exciting time. But what is happening as we approach 2012 is that time is speeding up. What this means for us is that we are attracting in these fearful thoughts much faster than in the past. So we have one fearful thought and it attracts in the smog (collective consciousness) from our atmosphere of other heavy negative thoughts, one comes in and another one and another one. It happens incredibly fast these days. It’s a real slippery slope once it starts.

I have asked so many people lately if they are experiencing this and I get a unanimous, “YES!” “What is going on?”

So now we know what’s going on but how do we prevent these moments, hours or even days of anxiety, sadness or even depression?

First of all, know that it’s not really anxiety or depression, so don’t run out and grab anti-depressants. At least until you try a few things.

Here are some tips to help stay out of the fear consciousness:

  1. WATCH YOUR THOUGHTS! We must stay on top of every thought. When we experience one little thought that comes from fear, we must turn it around immediately. Don’t let them build. This means we must live very aware, very present moment. Do not let them slide down the slippery slope creating anxiety/depression.
  2. STAY GROUNDED Make sure to do exercises that keep your energy in your body. Do yoga, take a walk or go for a run, do some visualizations for grounding. Get your feet on the earth.
  3. SALT WATER BATH Soak for 20 minutes in a sea salt bath to cleanse your auric field. The aura (the energy field that sits outside our physical body) is a collection station of all thoughts we have as well as other people’s thoughts that we are near. Put some quiet music on in the bath, do some deep breathing and/or meditate. Relax and release while soaking. Use 2 cups of sea salt in your warm bath.

If you have already slipped down the slippery slope, here’s what to do:

  2. REMIND YOURSELF WHATS REAL. Our negative thoughts tend to take us on a crazy roller coaster ride down very quickly. Just today my husband texted me while I was getting on an airplane to head home and he said we needed to cash out our investments and that the stock market was going down and had fallen 200 points today already. We have lost almost everything 2 years ago for various reasons and I was not about to lose our last and only investment. I texted my husband and told him to do it but realized it was in my name and his hands were tied. The flight attendant came on and told us to turn off our phones. My head began to race…”We are going to lose everything like our friends did in the market crash after 9/11.” “Why didn’t I sell last month like my sister told me to, blah, blah, blah” .” My thoughts continued and I felt the knots in my stomach arrive and then the tension in my neck and shoulder then I said to myself, “WAIT A MINUTE…STOP!” “Michelle, you are out of balance!” I promised myself not to let that happen and to be as conscious about these moments as I possibly could be. So I immediately stopped my thoughts, closed my eyes and began some slow deep breathing, ceasing all thoughts. I then reminded myself of what was real,” would we really lose everything in 1.5 hours during the flight home?” I decided to chose the thought “No.” I began to ask myself a list of questions that were real and in the moment like, “if we lose almost everything could it someday come back?” I decided yes. I asked myself if I knew for sure that the market was going to crash today. I decided, I did not know for sure but felt like maybe not totally crash.  I began to climb out of the dark hole I had fallen into. I forced myself to reach for the thoughts that made me feel better. This 10 minute process (at the most) turned me around from sliding into complete anxiety and panic to peaceful and calm. I then began to put in positive empowering thoughts about our finances (creating in a positive way and not negative). I felt great, got off the plane got home and called my planner and found that the stock market had begun to come back and now it was only down 90 points.

All that stress for nothing! BUT it was an amazing experience and was so happy to experience myself fall out of balance and then shift back into it in 10 minutes. It’s really that easy, it just takes desire and effort.

During this time of so much fear on our planet the greatest tool I have utilized for myself has been awareness. We MUST slow down and catch our negative thoughts and our negative feelings before they take us down. It’s imperative that we do this and we do it as soon as we experience the slightest negative thought or feeling, it will maintain balance within our emotional state and not allow the fear to creep in and take us down.