Time For A Change

Just wanted to publish a quick post about some upcoming changes. This domain name/title of my blog is going to be changing from Solutions Beyond the Mainstream to 1000Bridges.com. We are in the process of making this change this week and into next week. I am going to be phasing out my website and merging all of my information into this new blog. The content of the posts that you receive will be the same. The exciting news is that the blog will soon have video's, e-book links and a tab for web based classes. The changes began last month with the development with the new landing page for www.1000bridges.com. I am also in the process of developing a facebook fan page in order to create a more interactive experience.

Yes, LOTS of exciting things happening!

I hope to have all of this completed by mid-May at the latest. Please excuse in advance any random "test-posts" that you may receive. We are hoping that this won't happen but in case it does I wanted you to be aware of where they were coming from.

I plan to continue to post throughout this process just wanted you to be aware of what is happening on my end and didn't want you to think you were getting spammed by some random site called 1000bridges.

I also wanted to add why I chose 1000bridges as a new name. For years I have been searching for a brief statement that sums up what I do for people. What I realized is that my purpose is to assist people through life's transitions.ย  In life we cross 1000's of bridges and many times we need assistance. With my blog posts, e-books, classes and through individual sessions I hope to accomplish this. It is a true honor to serve in any way I can.

Thank you and many blessings,