The Power of Words

iStock_000000340142XSmallAround 3 weeks ago, my son began developing almost daily headaches, with some neck pain. They would come on slowly and eventually they would get so bad, he would wind up in bed, blinds closed with nausea.  Last Monday I decided to take him to the pediatrician for an exam. After a thorough exam showing us nothing, we were sent to an orthopedic/spinal specialist. There, after 3 x-rays was found 2 “unusual spots” on my son’s neck. The doctor wanted to probe further so we then were sent for an MRI. Whether you have children or not, getting a diagnosis like this is a scary one. It was a true test for my husband and me to stay present moment. I also had to make the decision of who to tell about this diagnosis. It could turn out to be nothing or it could turn out to be something, we would not know until the results were in from the MRI. The MOST important thing for me was to stay positive, not in denial but to take each moment and think not only positively but to send my son and specifically his neck loving thoughts and healing words. For this reason I decided to only tell a select few people that would be able to keep my son in loving, healing hands and send him tremendous healing light.

What many of us don’t realize is the power of our words. Everything in our world is energy, the grass, the table you eat breakfast on, the human body, each thought we have and each word we speak. Energy vibrates at different speeds depending on what it is. Positive thoughts vibrate higher (or faster) and negative thoughts or words carry a much lower (slower) vibration. This is why when we feel sad, our bodies feel heavier, slower vibrations feel heavy.

When people hear of someone that is sick, or worse in the hospital, they typically say, “I am so worried!” Worry is fear and when you have a thought that is from fear about someone it does not help them in the least bit, in fact it could add to their illness. There have been countless studies done on the power of prayer and the positive effect it has. Behind a prayer or positive thinking is a thought that carries a higher/healing vibration. When you are thinking of a sick person while in this higher vibrational state you are actually sending them healing energy.

Unfortunately I have had 2 friends that have lost their children to cancer. For one of them, the road was a long one, her son was sick for many years. There were times during  his illness when we would rally a group of  people to send her son light or healing thoughts and she would notice on her end healing shifts that her son would make during the time of our thoughts and prayers. One time I recall he had a terrible infection and it was creating a rash all over his chest, the doctors had tried numerous medications and nothing was working. We had decided to rally a large group to send him light and healing at precisely 3pm. My friend called me shortly thereafter saying that they could see the rash/infection shrinking before their eyes. The doctors had no medical reason for it and considered it a miracle.

Getting back to my son, there was a 24 hour period between the x-rays and the MRI. In that 24 hour period my son was sent tremendous loving /healing thoughts by a choice group of people.  His headaches stopped that day. The MRI we done and results were read to us the next day. There was nothing on the scans. They had no explanation of the previous spots on his neck from the x-rays and wanted to send him to a neurologist for further evaluation and migraine medication.

My husband and I left the office with huge smiles on our faces and thanked God for this gift we had received.  We realized what had happened and knew there would be no neurologist in our son’s future. We felt extremely grateful for the gifts that we had received from our friends and their powerful thoughts, visualizations and words. My son has not had a headache since and when I asked him yesterday how he was doing and if he had a headache his comment was, “No mom, please stop asking me…it’s done.” And I knew it was.

The power of words.