Stop Beating up on Yourself!

I used to beat up on myself….until I decided to stop.

For years I beat up on myself, I was never good enough and too much of "this" and not enough of "that." I allowed my brain to rule my life and listened to and believed everything it told me….until I decided I was ready to stop listening. This is when my life started to change. 

Don't let your brain rule you,  we get to choose our thoughts. We don't have to fall victim to the mind. Our mind/ego is based in fear, so how could we ever get it right?

We believe we don't have control over our thoughts, well we do! Become aware and conscious of what your thoughts are and let the one's go that are not supportive. Pick the thoughts that feel best and move you to a balanced emotional state, don't buy into the negative self talk. 

Practice reframing and picking empowering thoughts and watch your world begin to change.