Quick Anxiety Fix

This morning while trying to "get it all done" with not enough time, I found myself getting knots in my stomach and some anxiety coming on. I realized again how the mind takes us there (to stress/anxiety) in no time and the importance of living in the moment. Remember, the ego/mind will tell us "we don't have enough time" "we will get it wrong" "it's not good enough" etc.

What I did for a quick anxiety fix?

We MUST get in the present moment.

I immediately put my hand on my heart and took a few deep, slow belly breaths. About 30 seconds later...Poof! Anxiety gone, relaxed and at peace.  The next thing I asked myself was, "What needs to get done RIGHT NOW?" (Pulling me back in the moment). Then I made my list and felt great.   An important practice to have during the holidays as things can get so hectic in no time.