Mindfulness and Meditation hit the Main Stream Media

I was so excited to see this on 60 Minutes Sunday night!! This would not have happened even five years ago.

In case you missed it, here is part of the episode. Anderson Cooper interviewed John Kabat Zinn and participated in a mindfulness and meditation retreat. His results were profound and it just goes to show the power of adding mindfulness and meditation into your daily life.

A mindfulness/meditation study was recently done at Harvard and showed that the participants after average of only 27 minutes a day grew gray matter in the hippocampus. This showed improved focus, attention, memory, and less stress and anxiety. Who doesn't have 20 minutes a day, especially if it means growing our brains and getting these results? Hope you enjoy the video.

Why they had to have a Viagra commercial right in the middle of it is beyond me. Maybe if middle aged men meditated more they wouldn't need Viagra?