Manifesting in Dream State

While we sleep we let go of the conscious mind, the resistant or fearful part of us, the part that says “no way,” “I’m afraid” or "that will never happen to me.” During this time of no resistance the things we have been trying to create and manifest in our lives have a way in. Nothing is stopping them from manifesting when the resistant, conscious mind-thinking has ceased.

To take your creations to the next level, try spending the last few minutes before falling asleep in a creation mode.

Close your eyes and imagine anything that you would like to bring into your life. A new car, new home, relationship, job, vacation, anything! Spend time before drifting off to sleep imagining you have already attained it. Imagine driving around town in the new car, parking it in the garage. Imagine walking on the beach in the new bathing suit with your new thinner, toned body and having people compliment you on how great you look. Our brains cannot tell if it’s really happened yet or in our imagination.

The key to manifesting, whether it be day or night, is to remove resistance to what we desire. In dream state, the resistance is removed because the conscious mind is shut off. So, if we sleep for eight hours, that’s eight hours of manifesting that we are doing with zero resistance! When we think about how much time throughout the day we spend consciously creating (little to none), an exercise like this could certainly have profound effects on your life. Have fun with it and watch before your eyes as your creations begin to manifest around you!