Make lasting changes in 2011

December 31st  is the day that everyone around the world creates their new year’s resolutions. I know at my gym I will not be able to find an elliptical machine and have to wait to get on the nautilus because of all of the people that have resolved to lose weight and get in shape this year. The good news is that by mid February the gym will be back to normal because everyone will have given up on most of their resolutions and gone back to “normal.” With such great intentions and excitement on New Years to make our life changes, it’s interesting to me that so many of us can’t make that change and hold it not only for the remainder of the year but for their lifetime!

I have a theory on why this is and what to do about it.

When we have an idea, it comes from our conscious mind, a thought. On New Year’s Eve, we have thoughts about what changes we would like to make within our lives for the year. We decide, “THIS is how I am going to change and I’m sticking to it!”

The problem with just a conscious thought about a change is just that, it’s just a thought about it. To make a lasting change, it needs to become a belief, to go deeper into our mind, our subconscious.  This is when  resolutions stick. But the majority of us, have resolutions that lose steam after a month because they are simply a conscious thought.

For my birthday in November I was given the cd/book “Getting into the Vortex” by Esther and Jerry Hicks. I have never seen such profound results so quickly within myself, friends, family and clients.

This is a guided meditation cd broken into 4 -15 minute meditations-Well Being, Physical Well Being, Financial Prosperity and Relationships. 15 minutes a day CAN and WILL change your life. Spend 15 minutes a day with this and before you realize it, you may notice an unexplained calmness, peace, abundance, relationship improvement/healing, anger fade, work improvement. This guided meditation eases conscious thoughts into the subconscious mind where resolutions will hold.

Going deeper than the conscious mind and even subconscious mind, this cd meditation reconnects us with our “source,” where we came from, the greater part of who we are, God. This is not a religious cd, simply a guided meditation with breathing.

So when ready, purchase this amazing gift for yourself. It will help to make resolutions stick as well as change your life in ways you can’t imagine.