Many of you have asked me if the stories in the previous post — I Challenge You — were real or made up. They are ALL REAL! I realize that it’s hard to believe that by spending 2 minutes (or less) a day feeling gratitude/appreciation about someone or something we can change relationships with whomever or whatever we are focusing on. BUT, in 2 words…THIS WORKS! I have had countless examples come in since I wrote this blog post.

But How?

When we focus on something and hold appreciation/gratitude for it we are actually filling our bodies with more light. When we fill up with more light energy we then attract more light to us.  Simply stated, light energy is love energy. Because the law of attraction is always in force, just as the law of gravity is always in force, when we fill ourselves with love we can then only attract more love into our lives! Remember, like attracts like. It’s a real simple formula and works very quickly.

The Dilemma

It’s difficult to spend time focusing on the good in someone we don’t have a great relationship with, let alone that we are upset with. Our ego/mind makes us question ourselves with ideas like, “Why would you feel love let alone gratitude for someone that has hurt you?” “Don’t let them “win” this, they need to be punished!” Our ego/mind finds a ton or reasons to keep us “right” but the problem is, whether we are right or not, it keeps us stuck where we are. We remain unhappy, uncomfortable and miserable when we think of this person,  unable to move into a healthier relationship with the person we are wanting to heal the relationship with!

Don't be right. Be happy!

So stop being right and simply be happy. The way to be happy is to spend as little as 30 seconds to 2 minutes a day on someone or something you would like to have a changed relationship with. THIS WORKS! When your mind wants to drift back into being right or not thinking thoughts of gratitude because the mind says the other person needs to be punished GO TO YOUR HAPPY PLACE of gratitude/appreciation with them.

My Example

I myself have had an extremely difficult 2 months with a family member. My sister and I are dealing with some family issues that arerelated to an uncle that brought much unhappiness to our family (our entire childhood) that we now have to take care of. He has dementia so he treats us badly much of the time which makes it extremely difficult to continue to do what we are doing for him. We continually hear how disappointed he is in us and angry he is. It begins to wear on us after a point.

After the first few weeks, my sister and I began to hit road blocks with insurance companies, realtors, dmv  and other people and companies we were working with on behalf of my uncle. I realized that after a few weeks of my uncle yelling at us and being so ungrateful we began to speak negatively of him and WE WERE CREATING THESE ROAD BLOCKS!

I recommended we find something we can appreciate about him, anything. This was difficult for us as our childhoods with him did not provide much if anything to be grateful for. BUT, we sat with it and found a couple things. My sister chose to see herself fishing with him and my father when she was 5 years old. I chose to see myself on his shoulders while water skiing like I used to do when I was 8. Those 2 experiences brought us joy. We began to focus on these whenever a negative thought would come in and we wanted to complain about him. Things began to turn around in days for us, everything began to fall into place. It was magical and amazing how fast things changed.

We learned such a great lesson in those few weeks. We learned how quickly we can change our lives with thought.

Key Points

  1. Our thoughts and words manifest experiences extremely quickly.
  2. We MUST stop talking about anything negative as it will create more negativity.
  3. Find the “happy place” and hold that gratitude for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, even when that other person is not being nice to us. THIS alone can change our lives.

Don't say "I don't have time to do this." It's honestly 30 seconds a day. Who doesn't have 30 seconds to change their lives? We spend hours at the gym every week to change our bodies but we won't stay in bed an extra 30 seconds to a minute and focus on positives or appreciation to change our relationship with someone? By sticking with gratitude, we are living a life from love and can only bring more love in, it is law. LOVE =LOVE.