I'm Sick And Tired!!

“What the heck is going on that I am so sick and/or tired lately?” This seems to be the question of the week lately. There are a few reasons for this. This explanation may seem far-fetched to some but if you reach in your heart and feel for truth you may find that it resonates more than you think it does. Our world is changing. Look around and compare our world to how it was just 10 or 20 years ago…We live in a world that’s just plain fast. We have everything from fast food and microwaves to fast information propelled via the internet and/or cell phones.

The speed of how we live doesn’t stop just with what we can see and touch. We must consider what’s going on energetically with our great earth. The frequency or energetic vibration of our planet is literally rising and speeding up. Simply stated, there is more light on our planet than any other time in our history. This is one of the most exciting times to live on our planet as well as one of the most difficult.

Here’s why:

With more light coming onto our planet it is causing an expansion of our earth. Have you ever noticed a door or window that gets hit by the sun for months on end then it won’t open easily or gets stuck? This is because the sunlight is causing an expansion of the door. Likewise, our earth is going through the same thing. There is more light coming to our planet and it’s causing our great earth to expand, much like a door in the sun. This is what is causing our crazy weather…earthquakes, tsunami’s and extreme temperatures worldwide. Our earth is expanding and in doing so, it is slightly cracking (earthquakes) as well as shifting our atmosphere and creating everything from dust storms to tornadoes to extreme temperatures.

How does this affect me?

In HUGE ways! As our earth expands from the additional light coming to it, its’ energetic vibration raises and everything that sits on the earth is affected. So if you are a living entity on the planet, your energy is affected by this shift.

What it looks and feels like to a human:

As the light comes on to our planet it literally comes up through us and affects us right down to our DNA. From an emotional standpoint, as our earth’s frequency is speeding up and changing so will ours. Negative emotion carries a lower energetic frequency so as the earth’s vibration raises, so does ours and  it pushes our old negative emotional issues to the surface. THIS IS WHAT WE ARE ALL GOING THROUGH RIGHT NOW! Our old emotions (and wounding) are literally being brought up,  through our awareness and out. Have you noticed that most people you speak with lately are going through something emotional and tend to have drama in their lives? Relationships are being tested and buttons seemed to be pushed constantly. This is a difficult time because of this major energetic transformation of our earth and its’ effect on us.

I suggest:

I am recommending that people just allow their old wounds or negative emotions to come through and don’t cling to them. Know that this is temporary and it’s a beautiful thing! We are literally getting cleaned out emotionally. I realize it’s tough, we are being challenged and have our buttons pushed it feels like all the time. Practice deep breathing, centering and grounding exercises to remain in balance.

How it feels physically:

Other than feeling emotional we may feel fatigued, nauseous, headaches (or migraines), intestinal issues or even mucous. Others are experiencing some bodily aches and pains. Remember that this is TEMPORARY and ride through it. Do NOT run out and get medication to stop the pain if it only lasts a few days. Try your best to ride it out.

I felt the need to write about this as I have had countless questions about why so many of us are experiencing such drama and negativity in their lives as well as physical symptoms, specifically fatigue. Remember our bodies have to realign and adjust to the earth’s new frequency which is very taxing to our bodies. Honor yourself and sleep if you feel the need to.

This is a difficult time for all of us and the best thing we can do for ourselves is to stay centered and present moment. This energetic shift is due to be complete in 2012 so we are coming close to the end of these symptoms and life should then be better than ever!