I Need More Money!

Do you need more money? Do you need a better job? How about a relationship? We all have needs, wants and desires and we think about them, even spend time visualizing them but they don’t show up! Why?? A client recently contacted me and asked me why the Law of Attraction isn’t working for her. I had to laugh and say that’s it’s never NOT working. It’s a law, just like gravity, it’s always switched “ON” and can’t be off. It just is.

She said that she has had money issues for too long now and is doing everything according to the Law of Attraction and what we had discussed. She is visualizing checks coming in, visualizing higher bank statement balances when she looks at her statements that come in the mail, she is having gratitude for what she has, we have re-worked some of her limiting beliefs in sessions and done a few other things. So where’s the money!?

When I tuned into her energy I felt stagnation. I asked her what she was doing to bring in the money and she said nothing, just visualizing and doing all of the things to line her thoughts and beliefs up with money. BIG PROBLEM…

This is a mistake many of us make when it comes to understanding the law of attraction.  It is true that like attracts like and we need to line our thoughts and beliefs up with what we want but we also have to get our energy moving in order to bring in the new energy or our wants/desires.

Think of it like riding a merry go round. What you want is sitting on the opposite side of the merry go round but as you stand in front of it, you can’t see it. Picture a pile of money in a bag, on the other side of the merry go round. In order to get the merry go round to move, give it some energy to move it. We must push it, pull it, get it somehow to spin!

Likewise, when we want to create something we must shift our thoughts and beliefs but then TAKE ACTION toward it. So in my client’s case, she must get out and do something to bring in the pile of money she wants. She is an artist and I recommended she start doing her work and then sell her pieces. It’s her true love and her passion. She began to think of doing this and THIS was where the block came up. She felt like she wasn’t good enough to do that and that she might have missed her time, missed the boat. Here is where her block is. Because of these limiting beliefs she was just sitting and waiting for her money to come in and not taking action.

She has decided to push through her fears and just do it, which in turn will get her energy moving and my feeling is that money will begin to show up for her.

When we want something to manifest in our lives the steps are simple:

  1. Figure out what you want and define it, state it.
  2. Visualize it coming in, imagine it, have fun with it, know it’s coming.
  3. Take action steps to bring it to you.
  4. Allow the creation to manifest, don’t suppose you know the avenue that it is coming to you from. Manifestations arrive typically the opposite from how we think they are coming.

Now, throughout this process it’s very important to tune into our bodies and pay attention to what is rising up for us. Could there be an emotional block that we are unaware of? If so, get in touch with it, face it and either change that belief or talk with someone that can help you to shift on it.

I remember discussing with a friend who wanted a new job and she was visualizing the heck out of it but it wasn’t manifesting. I asked her how many resumes she had sent out and she replied, “none!” I asked her if she thought her new boss would just come knocking on her door and offer her the job. We laughed together and I recommended a few resumes would be a good idea to send out.

We never know how our manifestations will show up, typically we say, “Who would have thought it would have happened like “THAT?” One thing I know for sure and that is we must take some kind of action to move the energy forward if we ever want to see our desire show up.