I Had A Terrible Day!

Who hasn’t ended a day with this statement? We have all had terrible days. How the heck does this happen? How can we prevent this from happening? My 11 year old son had a “terrible day” experience and changed his next day to a fantastic day. If HE can do it, ANYONE CAN! My son started school yesterday. He was nervous and mad he did not get placed in his friend’s class. He is in a new school this year and doesn’t know anyone but one child. I had requested that my son be placed in his friend’s class it didn’t happen.

My son got on the bus with nervousness and excitement.

The day went by and my husband and I greeted him as he got off the bus. He broke into tears and said, “I had a terrible day!” I didn’t make friends, no one talked to me, I don’t have ‘David’ in my class, the whole day was awful!

We gave him hugs and lots of love, as I know my son and he would be fine eventually, it was his mindset that was broken or “off.”

The next morning I drove him to school. We were almost to school and I asked him, “What kind of day are you going to have today?” He said, “I don’t know, the day hasn’t started.” I explained to him that with his mind, he will create his day as being great, terrible or mediocre. We must set our intentions in the morning. I then asked him to pick one thing he liked about the day before, not even loved but liked. He said he really liked playing kick ball with the other kids, even though it was only for 10 minutes.

I said, “Perfect!” “Focus on kickball and how much you enjoyed it.” He did this for just a few seconds. I asked him how that felt in his body and he said “good, really good.” I told him to think about that kickball game from the day before as much as he could for the rest of the day and that this will change his day today. I also suggested that he holds that intention that he will have a really good day today, make new friends and sit with some really cool kids at lunch. He rebutted with, “But mom, how can that happen so fast?” He had a few more “but’s” and I asked him again, “What kind of day was he going to have.” He responded, “Great.”

We met him as he got off the bus and he was ear to ear smiles. His response was, “I had a GREAT day!” “I met a ton of kids today, sat with 10 kids at lunch, blah blah, blah.” He didn’t stop talking for about 15 minutes about his great day.

I reminded him that he created his day by what he focused on. He remembered our earlier car conversation and replied, ”YOU’RE RIGHT!”

How Can I Create My Day?  EASILY!

1.  Wake up and decide what kind of day you are going to have. Do not live by default and let the day just happen and unfold as it may. Allow it to unfold with your intention as the focus.

2.   Think/Imagine something that makes you feel good. This action step for the mind shifts your point of attraction. If you wake up in a bad mood, the rest of your day will not be great-it is law! Like attracts like.

If you want a great day, create your vibration in the morning to one of an expanded state of gratefulness and love. It’s the highest state we can be in.

I sit every morning for 2 minutes on my front steps and watch my son walk to the bus. I hold gratitude for him, our lovely morning  and breakfast we eat together, our conversations, our special good night kiss, the tree’s in the front yard (they are at least 100 years old-beautiful), my health and then I just sit and be with these positive emotions. THIS is how to start the day. It’s 2 minutes that sets the stage for the next 16 hours! If my 11 year old can accomplish this, we adults can too.