I Challenge You!

I challenge you to join us for a 30 day life changing activity that will take as little as 2 minutes per day. If you can follow these steps for 30 days I will GUARANTEE that your life will be different at the end of 30 days.

Here's the Plan

Pick one person that you would like to have an improved relationship with.

Find one memory, JUST ONE from the past where you felt appreciation/gratitude/enjoyment/love for them. If you honestly do not have a memory, imagine a positive experience you would like to have with them.

For at least 2 minutes per day, every day for 30 days, close your eyes and imagine the experience when you felt love/enjoyment/appreciation for that person. Imagine that the experience from the past is happening RIGHT NOW. Put yourself there; be there, fully in your emotions.  Tune into your body and notice how good it feels, you may feel lighter, your heart area opening, you may even feel tears. Whatever you feel is perfect. Just sit in it for a minimum of 2 minutes EVERY DAY.

What's Gonna Happen

Your relationship with that person will change in some way for the better. Don’t expect to know what or how it will change but it will change for the better.

Throughout the Month

Do your best not to fall into negative thinking about this person you are appreciating. If negative experiences with that person occur, FORCE YOURSELF to not see it and remember your gratitude or fond memory for that person, step back into your meditational focus to get out of your anger/frustration.

Do I have to do this with only one person?

NO! Practice this with ANYONE OR ANYTING you are in a relationship with. You can do this with a business that is not going well or one that you want to go better, a house or car that may be giving you problems or absolutely anything you have a relationship with. For example, food is another thing we all have relationships with. If you are having issues with overeating or under eating, remember a time when you had a healthy relationship with food, even if it’s from when you were 5 years old. Go back there and remember.

Proof this really works

So why waste your time for 30 days on this? BECAUSE IT WORKS!

I would NEVER suggest something that I have not had experience with. Here are a few examples.


Tracy divorced her husband 2 years ago after verbal abuse and control issues for years. He was very angry at her for the divorce and on his weekends with the kids he had gotten to the point where he would text them from the driveway to let the kids know he was there to pick them up. He would not enter the home and definitely not speak to Tracy only through email/text.

Tracy had heard from her other divorced friend’s all of their stories about their ex-husbands and how terrible they were and that they never paid support on time or were late by months etc. Tracy realized that although she and her husband had a strained relationship, he always paid her on time. She decided to find time daily to appreciate his monthly payments coming into her account and that she never once had to ask him. She focused on this daily and had complete appreciation for the money and him directly depositing it.

Three weeks into her daily “appreciation meditation,” her husband showed up to get the kids and saw Tracy out front struggling with the power washer. He walked up to help her and explain why it wasn’t working. The next thing that happened shocked her, he then offered to buy here a new one (since this one was broken) and power wash it for her! He came the next day; power washed, then tilled her back yard and changed the light bulbs on the outside of the house. The following weekend he came back to do more work and Tracy invited him to stay for dinner as a thank you. They had a wine on the back deck, had a nice conversation where he complimented her on what she had done with the house! Needless to say, she was in shock (as he never had complimented her in 17 years of marriage). They now have a relationship that is pleasant and helpful. She wants no part of getting back together with him but loves the relationship that they have now. The ONLY thing she did to make this happen was daily appreciation of the money (as she couldn’t find anything else she liked about him!). Now she has added to her daily appreciation the money and the new relationship/friendship they have and how much easier it is to raise 4 kids with him like this.  AMAZING shift in as little as 3 weeks!


Susan had always had a strained relationship with her mother. Her mother was physically and emotionally unavailable, uncomplimentary, unsupportive and put her down for almost everything.  Growing up and now as a 43 year old, she still struggled to spend time with her. She wanted to change their relationship but didn’t know how. We searched for a memory where she could appreciate her mother. It was difficult but when stretching into childhood (age 7) she realized she felt taken care of and enjoyed the times in the summer when her parents would take her to their relatives farm and they would have so much fun together. I recommended that she step into that 7 year old child and recall the time at the farm and remember her mother smiling and laughing with her. Be the 7 year old again.

Upon doing this for only 3 days, Susan’s mother came to her house and heard Susan disciplining her children (as she has seen for years). When Susan was done, her mother commented to Susan, “You are a much better mother than I ever was.”  She was SHOCKED to hear this! She had NEVER had her mother compliment or praise her and she longed for it. All of this in only 3 days! She has continued to have her daily appreciation meditations and looks forward to more interactions with her mother.

The power behind this is mind blowing to me.  My goal is to get as many people doing this from July 1-30 as possible. If you receive this a few days into July, START TODAY, it's fine, just get started! Please pass this information along and get friends and other family members to join us for this life changing activity.

I would love your comments on this after the 30 days and if you have any questions regarding this please let me know.

Let’s make some huge changes together! Thanks for joining us.