I am Learning to Trust Everything….


It seems like God, the universe, fate, whatever you want to call it keeps throwing me curve balls in my life. It can send me into fear, panic, crying, anger or some other emotion.

 When things in our lives don’t show up as we think (or predict) or things happen out of sequence or order, it throws us.

This throws our minds/ego’s into a tailspin and we go into “I must figure this out or ‘fix it’ mode.” Then again, sometimes we fall into the victim mode or poor me mode, sometimes we just “check out” so we don’t have to deal with it. It really depends on who we are and what’s going on. Nevertheless, we typically fall into one of those defenses and we want to figure out how this happened and look into the future and predict what’s next. Our mind is trying to calm us down but it doesn’t work! I have tried for years and find that the way to stay calm or in balance is with trust. Trusting that there is a reason for everything.

 What we inevitably find is that in time, sometimes it takes minutes, hours, weeks or years, we see the gift in it, in the “curve ball.”  But we have to be open to it and if we are stuck in being a victim, or one of the other defenses, we will never see it.

 What I have learned is that there is always a gift and if we are open to seeing it, it will show up.

 Now I will admit, if I am initially really thrown by something, if someone were to say to me, “Oh but there is a gift!” I may want to yell at them. However, I can honestly say that in practicing this, over time, I am falling into the habit of trusting much sooner than later in my process, and this really does help.

 Because of continuing to notice the gifts after the “curve balls,” I am realizing that perhaps I can sit in trust of the curveballs and buckle my seatbelt and ride it out without falling into fear. I call this sitting in and staying in my authentic “adult chair.” I never said it was easy but when we can say to ourselves, that there is a gift coming after all of this and I am feeling (fill in the blank…angry, sad, scared, enraged etc.)  now but I am open to the gift, it makes it easier to trust on the front end.

 I do believe that everything happens for a reason and these “gifts” are actually “growth opportunities.” How I handle it or dance through it is up to me.

We can never stop life from happening. Life and “growth opportunities” will keep coming our way. When we add the idea of trusting everything, (despite the ego freak out), I find I can stay in emotional balance much easier. In fact I can sit and observe the “growth opportunity” from a different perspective and it’s not so bad.

The next time you encounter a “growth opportunity,” perhaps you could add trust to the mix and see how it goes. I’d love to hear about your experience.