I Am Exhausted!

Have you recently been tired or even exhausted lately? Have you not been able to wake up in the morning or felt like you needed a nap during the day? You are not alone! I feel compelled to write about this as I have had almost every person I spoke with last week tell me how tired they were. I have had people ask me if they were depressed, had issues with thyroid or even mono. The common theme has been fatigue and/or shaky emotional states. Don’t rush to the doctor just yet, and don’t read into your symptoms.

This fatigue that people have been feeling is two-fold; it is partly due to the realignment of our energy since the earthquake. The Japan earthquake moved the coast of Japan 8 FEET and moved the earth 4 inches off its axis.  As our earth realigns itself everything on it must also realign itself to the earth’s energy. We must remember that everything is energy and everything finds its balance when out of balance. Our energetic bodies have been thrown out of balance and are now in a realignment process with the earth. This is very tiring on us and creates fatigue. Honor that your body is tired and get extra sleep during this time.

Another reason for fatigue is the tremendous fear in our atmosphere. Please read last week’s post for more on this. But the combination of fear and the realignment process both create fatigue and even exhaustion.

What do we do about it?

  1. Honor it. Allow yourself extra sleep. Help your body to realign by not overdoing it when you feel tired.
  2. Do grounding exercises and spend time outside on the earth. If possible, get your feet right on the earth if you can, make direct contact.
  3. Take trace minerals. This will not only help ground but help balance our electrical systems and realign with the earth’s electrical system.

The fatigue will subside. It will just take a bit of time. Performing the above will help speed the process of realignment. Please also read last week’s post for more information on this. Above all, remember like everything this too is temporary.