How Do I Find My Life Purpose?

Many people ask me how they can "find" their life purpose, their life mission. Our life purpose is programmed into our soul, it's not something we have to go and search for or even create. It's there and has been there since birth.

When we  are unclear what it is and feel unfulfilled, it's because our life purpose is buried under emotional clutter or baggage. It's under here that we find our purpose, like a shiny diamond in the rough.

How to sort through emotional clutter and baggage:

Step 1   Awareness: Begin to notice your emotions. Notice when you are happy, sad, scared, fearful, feel unworthy etc.   Most of us live life unconsciously, not knowing what we feel.  Get "in the know" of your life. Become aware of  how you feel, every minute of the day.

Step 2 Allow yourself to feel emotional pain! After becoming aware of our emotion, allow yourself to sit with it. We do everything we can NOT to feel but we can't work our way through something if we don't feel it. Put the food, the alcohol, the tv, the over spending down and just feel the emotion.

Step 3   Take responsibility for "your stuff."  We are excellent at blaming others for our pain and hurt. What we forget is that people in our lives are mirrors for our emotional wounds. When we feel bad, sad, unworthy etc. IT'S OURS! Try asking yourself, "What is this person showing me about my wounds?"

Step 4 Change your perspective: Remove yourself from the issue or baggage and gain a new, higher perspective on it. Try pushing back from the issue and imagine watching the event that has caused you pain on a tv in front of you. What changes from this perspective? What can you own? This is hard work and we must be really honest with ourselves but the payoff is HUGE! Do your best NOT to fall into victim mode, the moment we say or feel "poor me" and/or "it's all their fault" we have stepped into the victim role. To help with this, enroll a friend, family member or even a therapist that doesn't let you get away with being a victim.

So when we are ready to live our life purpose, take a look in the emotional mirror and notice what makes us unhappy, sad, scared, mad, fearful etc. When we move through our pain, it yields tremendous gain. We begin to see who we really are, we become less triggered by others, we gain a new perspective on life and finally, we begin to see and feel glimpses of our life purpose.