Why it’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound

I came across this post by Bethany Webster and it resonated so deeply with me I wanted to point you to it. It’s a very powerful post on healing our mother wounds. Great information for those of us that are looking for empowerment and healing. 

Difficulty and challenges between mothers and daughters are rampant and widespread but not openly spoken about. The taboo about speaking about the pain of the mother wound is what keeps it in place and keeps it hidden in shadow, festering and out of view.

And later... 

Simply put, if a daughter internalizes her mother’s unconscious beliefs (which is some subtle form of “I’m not good enough”) then she has her mother’s approval but has in some way betrayed herself and her potential.

However, if she doesn't internalize her mother’s unconscious beliefs in her own limitations but rather affirms her own power and potential, she is aware that her mother may unconsciously see this as a personal rejection.

The daughter doesn’t want to risk losing her mother’s love and approval, so internalizing these limiting, unconscious beliefs is a form of loyalty and emotional survival for the daughter.

So powerful!

Bethany joined us for an amazing conversation the mother wound can dramatically impact our most important relationships, from our relationship with ourselves, to our partners and spouses, to our children as they grow up. Listen in on that great podcast episode here.

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