Guaranteed Peace & Joy During the Holiday Season!

Peace and Joy in the Holidays

This is a guest post by Sarah Weiss, MA, LMT. Sarah is a Medical Intuitive, Healer, Retreat Leader, and Spiritual Teacher. Contact Sarah at, or

  • Do you want to enjoy the holidays without sacrificing your sanity and peace? 

  • Do you want to protect your health and well-being during family drama? 

  • Do you want to honor the spiritual as well as the social importance of the holidays?

If you value your quality time during the holidays you will want to learn about subtle energy grounding. It's easy to learn! With a little practice and some help from the free instructional audios linked to this article you’ll be maintaining your peace and calm even during the most hectic times! 

You’ll Love Subtle Energy Grounding!

Subtle energy grounding is a self-care practice that has been around for thousands of years. Loving the earth, nature and all that is wonderful about our life on Mother Earth is the beginning of subtle energy grounding.

Subtle Energy Grounding is a term that includes a full range of contemplative and energetic practices that help maintain clarity, well-being, healthy boundaries and inner peace and joy.

Being grounded is a wonderful state of consciousness. When you are grounded, you feel relaxed and spacious; vibrant and clear. On a physical level, Subtle Energy Grounding improves immune system function, supports heart, brain, and gut health, and soothes the side effects of surgery and invasive medical treatments.

Can you imagine being freed from pressure, anxiety, worry and insecurity? Grounding helps you feel open, confident, and creative, able to live free of the dark, heavy cloud that weighs you down. 

Subtle Energy Grounding reveals what our hearts already know to be true. We can feel comfortable anywhere and everywhere because grounding reconnects us to our subtle and profound relationship with Mother Earth, Father Sky, and the loving universe that is our home.

Living in the Mind is Unstable

Our tendency to live mostly in our minds makes us unbalanced and subject to illness and exhaustion. The mind creates illusions that prevent us from living meaningful lives.

Some of these illusions include:

  • Believing that the mind and body are separate.
  • Believing that our thoughts and feelings have nothing to do with our health and well-being.
  • Believing that we are separate from the earth below our feet and the stars above our head.
  • Believing that we are separate from all other sentient beings (including all of nature) which in turn causes us to harden our hearts not only to others but also in a very destructive way, to ourselves as well.

The energetic practice of grounding taps into an unlimited source of energy that repairs these ills. It helps dissolve the veil of illusion, it reveals the wisdom of our hearts, and it reunites us with the source of our beautiful physical and spiritual nature. This is how grounding can help us enjoy the fullness of this holiday season.

You are an Electric Being

Grounding is the experience of reconnecting to the electrical currents that flow through your body; not just your brain but your ENTIRE body! From head to toe, from gut to heart to brain, electrical signals inform, coordinate, and harmonize all of YOU.

We are electric beings. EEG's, MRI's, x rays, Ultrasound, all rely upon the electrical nature of our physical structure to produce diagnostic results. Without the electrical currents generated by the brain, heart, and nervous system we would cease to exist. Scientists view electricity as the universal current that generates life and polarizes energy into physical matter. We live in an electric universe!

We know that all electrical energy needs to be grounded to be useful but how do we ground our own electrical circuits? How do we direct and optimize our own electrical energy?

The answer lies in the practice of subtle energy grounding

The ABC’s of Subtle Energy Grounding

I've attached a link to a guided subtle energy grounding session that will help get your grounding practice started. It would take more space than is available here to explain the entire practice. But here is an overview that provides a framework or a context for the practice.

The first step in grounding is learning to relax. Relaxation is luxuriously restorative for the body, mind, and emotions. Once you are relaxed you regain some inner clarity and composure so you can direct your attention with focus and concentration.


Relaxation allows awareness and awareness tunes you into your feelings. You begin to feel and sense rather than think. Feeling and sensing is more intimate and connected.

For example, feel your breath moving in and out of your chest and abdomen. If you think about your breathing you are a step removed from your experience. Feeling or sensing immerses you in the experience. You listen to music this way, your entire body is involved and captivated. You become curious and embodied, and best of all your mind settles down. Even if it’s a little uncomfortable it feels better to come back to yourself than to be scattered in a million directions. Once you have collected yourself you can begin to feel how alive and vibrant you are. Maybe you’ve forgotten who you are and what you really desire from life?


The soles of your feet provide a portal to your soul. The play on words is fun and profound. Who would think that the soles of your feet are so important in soul growth?

There are energy centers on the soles of your feet that connect you to an infinite well-spring of fresh, vibrant energy radiating from the earth’s electromagnetic field. Tapping into this infinite field of energy is the goal of subtle energy grounding! 

Tune into the energy centers on the soles of your feet. Everyone knows immediately where the center of their palm is, and you will know immediately where the center of the sole on each foot is. Hint: it’s in the arch area! Don’t second guess it, you got it the first time.

Being aware of the center spot on your right foot and on your left, will eventually tune you into the subtle energy that courses through your body and permeates the earth.

Imagine you have roots flowing down through those sole centers and rooting you deep into Mother Earth just like a tree. The roots are a tree’s source of life and stability. Without deep roots the tree is unstable and will not receive the nourishment is needs to grow. The same is true for us. Our energy needs to be grounded in the energy of the planet. Earth based indigenous cultures have known this for eons. It’s time for us to remember how to do this so that we remain stable and sane during these tumultuous times.

Once your energetic roots are connected you will sense the aliveness in your feet and in the earth. Recall a time in when you were walking in the woods, by an ocean, gardening, or hiking in the mountains. Remind yourself of how alive you felt. You can have that feeling every time you ground. 

You might feel the energy in the form of tingling, heat, cold, tickling, waving, or an uplifting of your entire body. Or a feeling of deep relaxation where you completely let go and allow yourself to feel good. You might even feel safe, loved, and at one with the great energy of nature that surrounds us! 

This is the actual beginning of subtle energy grounding

Learn More About Subtle Energy Grounding

If you want to learn how to increase your vitality, joy and well-being then try the free guided subtle energy grounding audios that are linked to this article. 

There are two to choose from. A “first experience” 11 Minute Grounding, and a deeper 30 Minute Grounding. Try the shorter one first and then if you like it try the longer one. This is my holiday gift to you. There are no strings attached. It gives me great joy to share this little practice that can make such a huge difference in your life.

How Subtle Energy Grounding Changes Lives

Grounding transformed my life. I was a true “doormat”. Everyone could walk all over me and I gave up my dreams because I was so drained and diminished. Once I discovered grounding it gave me the energy, confidence, and strength to live a dynamic, creative, and intuitive life. Imagine having the courage to open a medical intuitive practice over 25 years ago, when many considered it to be a “phony” profession. Even my own father called me a phony. People ridiculed and demeaned what I was doing but with grounding to support me I could fulfill my inner purpose. What would a strong dose of courage do for you?