"I Hate Myself...For Now"

Every spoken word or statement is creating our next move, our future realities. Yet we limit ourselves and make ourselves feel stuck with how we speak. It’s time we tune into our statements and conversations.

I hear people say statements all the time like…

“ I am so depressed…” “I am so fat…” “I am so upset with my husband, he frustrates me to no end!” “I hate my job.” “I can’t stop crying, this grief is consuming me.” “I can’t stand my in-laws, we will never get along.”

All of these types of statements make us feel stuck and disempowered with no solution. They create a certain level of anxiety within us, and if we don’t release it, it only builds and gets worse!

We state these types of statements to our friends or family and then they give us feedback and validation (that we are right to feel this way) and typically we walk away not feeling any better, still stuck with that bad feeling.

A very easy solution we can all do to open up our limiting speech is to add two simple words that can change our reality…”For Now.”

By adding “For Now” onto the end of a sentence it helps us to realize that our current agony is actually temporary. It empowers us, helps us to realize that it won’t be forever, in fact, it’s temporary.

Feel the difference between “I am so depressed…for now” “I am so fat…for now” “I can’t stand my in-laws…for now”   “I hate myself…for now,” try it on a few of your own statements. It feels so much better than our dead end way of speaking with no hope for change in the future. The “other way” of speaking creates drama and at times puts us in the victim status. No one likes how that feels.

Life changes like the wind, one day we are in love the next we are not, one day we are working for one company and all of a sudden we find ourselves in another position with another company, we may swear that yoga is not for us and then before we know it we are enjoying weekly classes, one day we find ourselves sad,  and another day we are happy.

We find our lives changing all of the time. Change and release limiting thoughts simply   by adding “for now” at the end of a sentence, and know that life for you too can change for the better, we simply need to be open to the possibility and allow it in.