Feeling Scattered and Overwhelmed?

There are times when we feel scattered, overwhelmed and just tapped out of energy. Especially during the holidays, we hear the comment, “I have too much to do and not enough time to do it!”

Here’s a technique that I love and find myself using a lot lately that helps with these issues. It’s called the “Reverse Sunburst,” and it has been incredibly helpful with keeping me relaxed, in balance, and present. The bonus is that it also boosts our energy!

Close your eyes and imagine a bright light in your heart area. It looks like a mini sun. Instead of the sun bursting with light outwardly, imagine the reverse, that the sun’s rays are coming back into your heart, landing in your heart, into your mini sun. See in your minds eye the rays of sunshine coming from all areas outside of you into your heart, breathe it in. Do this for 30 seconds to a minute or longer if you would like to. 

You can do this with your eyes opened or closed (I prefer to have my eyes closed). 

Throughout the day, our thoughts about something in the future or past can cause our energy to leave our field. This results in an energy field that is depleted. The more we obsess on our “to do lists,” the more we find ourselves fatigued, scattered and forgetful. When we feel this way, it’s an indicator that our energy field is drained and we need a “Reverse Sunburst.” It’s a must-have tool for the holidays — Enjoy!