Drink your Water...with Lemon

Upon rising, THE BEST thing we can put into our body is warm water with lemon (always fresh, not bottled lemon juice). This honors our body in more ways than we can imagine. After our last meal of the day is taken in and digested, our bodies delight in the relaxation of our innards. What actually happens while sleeping is our bodies fall into a mini fast where our digestive tract can relax and our bodies shift into detoxification mode. During this time of “digestive rest,” our body intuitively directs our energy to “clean house” of every organ, muscle and even our blood.

This is the reason the first thing that goes into our bodies is crucial. Warm (not hot) water with lemon moves the detoxified waste out of our systems with ease. The lemon grabs the waste and uses the water to flush our system and eliminate.

Another benefit of lemon water is it is alkalizing for our bodies. When we have an alkaline body versus acidic, it creates an environment in the body which illness cannot exist. Acidic tissue is a breeding ground for illness.

To aide with the alkalinity of the body throughout the day, don’t stop with the morning lemon water cocktail; enjoy this beneficial drink throughout the day.

Many people say they don’t want to run to the bathroom all day drinking so much water. If this is happening, it’s a sign that the body is not absorbing water, it is dehydrated and is more than likely acidic. Drinking lemon water versus straight water, aids with the absorption of the water into your system.

Show your body how much you love it and try this for 30 days, we have nothing to lose but dehydration issues, acidic tissue and detoxified waste.