Timing is everything. We ask ourselves the the question, “Is it time to get a new job, time to write a book, move to a new house, have a baby, get married or get divorced etc.” We wonder about life events and wonder, “Is it the right time and how do we know?”

 I have learned that there are two kinds of time: Divine time and Ego time.

Divine time is living in the timing of something bigger than us, it’s when we step into a universal flow, the God flow,  the ‘all that is flow.’ Think of a giant river and ask yourself if you are on the river in a boat, floating with the current or paddling upstream, against the current.

When we are in Divine time we find, things just show up at the ‘right time,' we may not have to put a lot of thought into our decision, it just makes perfect sense. Life feels ‘in the flow’ and everything seems to just fall into place, decisions feel easy.

Ego time is when we live from our mind and ‘think’ our way through decisions, it can feel reactive or hurried up like there is an urgency to do it NOW. Sometimes we may feel a pushing against, like we are trying to  convince ourselves to do it or not, it could feel difficult or confusing.

I remember a couple years ago, a close friend of mine kept telling me to write a book, that I needed to hurry up and do it. It never felt like  the timing was right but I sat myself down at Starbucks 2 days a week  for a couple months and wrote material for a book. It was good material, but never felt in the flow, or the right time. It felt like I was trying to make it happen instead of the book happening through me. I realized  my ego/mind was trying to make it the right time for a book. I ended up putting  my book aside and have no doubt that  a book is in me but the timing needs to feel right and the material will flow through.

When we life in divine time, it is a state of allowing which the ego/mind has a very difficult time with. Our minds will tell us we must make a decision immediately or else....or something really bad will happen if we don't do the right now! Likewise, our ego/mind may tell us to stall and not to move forward, to stay stuck. Either way, we must learn how to soothe our ego/mind and the mental chatter and the urgency it has to get things done NOW.This is where our work comes in

THE KEY….to feel our way through life.  We must bring out attention to our heart and body. It will guide us as to which time we are living in. Tune into your heart space and notice your body when you have to make a decision about something, does it feel heavy or contracted or does it expand and feel light? This is the key to divine time, the lightness and openness is the path to stay on. With practice, it will become quite obvious which time we are living in.