Cancer and the Law of Attraction

A few months ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It’s been an interesting journey and have had many epiphanies that I am excited to share. The question that my mother has asked since her diagnoses is, “How did this happen to me?” Being that she is in my family, she has been exposed to the Law of Attraction (what you think about comes about/manifests in your life.)

My mother’s mother died of breast cancer and my mother’s sister is a survivor of breast cancer. With this disease “running in the family” my mother decided long ago that this was “not for her” and “she would never get cancer.” She held the belief, “I’ll never get breast cancer.” My belief has always been that a gene may run in the family but it’s the vibration of the illness and buying into it that gets passed down the family.

Because of my mother now developing this disease she has asked me repeatedly about how she “attracted” this in. I am not God but I do have my theories…

The Law of Attraction states that “Like attracts Like” and “What you think about comes about.” These are cute little statements but what do they really mean and how do they really work. With disease we want a deeper meaning of this Law.


We know and scientists have proven that EVERYTHING IS ENERGY. Energy also holds a vibration (meaning, it moves either fast or slow or somewhere in between). Because everything is energy, our thoughts are also energy as are our emotions and feelings. A positive emotion and thought illicit a light, expanded feeling in our body (fast moving energy) and a negative emotion carries a heavy and contracted feeling in our bodies (because of the energy moving slower).

The Law of Attraction matches our vibration, and we must tune into our body to determine how a given statement feels then we will know what is being manifested for us.

Remember the universe doesn’t hear words like “no, not or never,” it’s matching our feeling.

The universe reads the dominant vibration ALWAYS. When my mother was stating all of this time, “I’ll never get breast cancer,” the dominant vibration is “breast cancer!” The better statement would be, “My body maintains excellent health” or “I am healthy!” For a moment, state these two statements out loud and feel the difference. Where do you feel it in your body? Which statement feels better? “I’ll never get breast cancer.” OR “I am healthy!” The latter is expansive and feels better. THAT would be the vibration I would want manifested in my life.

My guess is that my mother did have fear of disease or tragedy etc. and that was her dominant vibration. There are many variables and disease is not this black and white. But I know for sure that Law of Attraction is ALWAYS on, and always working.

While exploring my mother’s dominant vibration with her, we discovered that in the last year she had lost 2 of her close friends to cancer, another two were diagnosed and treated for breast cancer and yet another had quadrouple bypass surgery. Now for anyone THAT would be a lot to handle. More importantly, we examined what her feelings and emotions were around these events. We discovered fear of death, disease and tragedy. So regardless of her thoughts, her dominant feelings were fears.


When something “bad” happens, we tend not to want to feel it. We may acknowledge it, cry about it but don’t process it. We are taught as children to “be strong,” “don’t let things get you down” etc. We have a lot of programming in our brains that don’t serve us. We learn when something bad happens we need to disassociate from it, basically take our energy out of our body so we don’t really feel it.

Instead what’s better for us is to feel what happens to us. Notice in our body where the fear, sadness, anger resides. Is it in our stomach? Throat? Chest tight? Where is that energy in the body? Notice it and be with it. Allow the emotion to process through the body until it’s gone. We may cry, punch something or just notice the energy move. There is no right or wrong way to do this. The important part is to allow the energy to move out of our energy field and not keep it in the field.

When we keep the negative energy (unprocessed emotion) in our field it becomes our new dominant vibration, our new point of attraction.

My mom has a mastectomy over Thanksgiving and is now cancer free.  It’s been quite the experience for her as she is healing physically and emotionally and is now willing to look at some things in the past year that could have triggered this as well as looking into her future and how she is going to live a more balanced life, with less stress, more meditation and paying attention to her words, her vibration and how they feel in her body.

I welcome any questions or comments on this topic as always.