Breathing Technique/Pulling in Light

In addition to meditation, I use a variety of breathing techniques that create a balanced state. One of them that I love is "Pulling in Light." Here's how to do it:

Imagine a round ball of light (like a disco ball)  about 2 feet above your head.

Take a deep breath in and imagine from the disco ball, light coming down through the ball in through the crown of the head and into the body. Imagine the light being any color that comes to mind OR a golden or white light. This light rests first in the heart then after filling up the heart center and lung area, it moves down with every inhalation, filling up the solar plexus (3rd chakra area -above the naval), then the 2nd chakra, (below the belly button)  and eventually the light pulls into the ground roots us on the earth. See the roots shooting from the bottom of your feet into the earth.

Next, imagine the light coming down through your crown and resting  in the throat area and now  filling this area up. Next, pull the light into the  6th chakra/3rd eye (between the brows) and lastly, imagine the light coming into the top of the head (crown) and then shooting back up to the heavens.

Continue to breath in the light and go back to the heart center, watching it in your minds eye, expanding out and eventually filling up the entire room. There is no time requirement to do this. 1 minute would be of benefit if you don't do any other  intentional breathing, but doing this for 5 minutes minimally would be ideal.

This breathing exercise pulls an abundance of universal light into your body which promotes healing on all levels of your being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual). It is also extremely relaxing and centering. You may see colors and that’s fine. You cannot get this wrong, only right, which leads to total relaxation….