Bathing Away Negative Emotions

My 12 year old came in from school and said he had a bad day and that he “needed” a bath. I realized in that moment how often both of my kids take baths not because they are dirty but because they, “need them.” I thought to myself, how intuitive of them. As we know, bath time is a time of not only cleansing dirt but is also a time of relaxation. We all know that ads “Calgon take me away!” Bath time is where let go of all of our tensions and frustrations from the day. But there is actually more to a bath.

When we add 2 cups of sea salt to our bath and soak for 20 minutes we cleanse our emotional field.  This field of energy that we all have exists off of our physical body. Imagine a bubble of soft light/energy that encircles the human body, this is the emotional body.

When we leave our home and encounter another human being, whether we know them or not, we step into their energy field. Unfortunately when we step away from them we also take “their emotional stuff” with us. We may take their good mood or bad mood, their fight with their boss, their depression or their elation  over getting engaged-all of it.

Have you ever left the house in a great mood and by the time you got home you were in a terrible mood? When we absorb someone's emotions from their energy field, we feel their emotions-good and/or bad!

Sea salt baths remove other people’s emotions that have attached to our field but also balance out our energy centers, our chakras to create an extra peaceful state.