Absolutely Never Ever Always!

When we speak in absolutes like these we limit ourselves, which creates anxiety because we feel stuck, like there is no way out. We all use them. Here are a few examples:

  • I will NEVER lose this weight!
  • I ALWAYS lose at this game.
  • I would NEVER take a chance on that, it’s too risky.
  • If you EVER talk to me like that again…

There are many others that we use but you get the idea.

These words limit us, limit our potential. We must make every attempt to become aware of when we are speaking with absolutes. They are powerful words and very limiting to the creation of our future realities.

Re-read the statements from above or look at some of your own and question them.  This is how we must speak to ourselves (and others) when these words slip out.

For example:

  • I will NEVER lose this weight!  Never??
  • My husband is ALWAYS late, it make me so mad!   ALWAYS??

When we question the absolute, we find that it’s not true! This powerful act of simply questioning the statements that we make to ourselves and others can relieve created anxiety. Anxiety is born from the future feeling hopeless and having no control over it.

Becoming aware of our speech, listening to what we are saying and dropping or questioning the absolutes will help in shifting our emotional states. The ego/mind likes absolutes and chooses to use them often, it's very limiting. Without absolutes we can be hopeful and even optimistic about our futures.

Feel this statement in the heart center,  "I will never lose this weight!" This is when we would question this statement, "Never?"  “Well, maybe just not right now, it just feels hard today.” “Maybe someday but not now.” "Maybe if I hired a trainer or joined a gym that would help." "If I even walked 20 minutes for 3 days a week I am sure it would help me drop a few." "Maybe never is the wrong word."

Every statement we make creates our future. Don’t allow absolutes to limit your future. Release absolutes from your vocabulary and realize that sky is the limit for creation of our realities; we just have to pay attention to what we are saying and challenge the limiting words we are using.