Are you angry, resentful, or holding a grudge?


Today I realized I had been hanging on to resentment for 2 friends for  about a month!

I didn’t like their response (or lack of response) to some news I had told them. For the last month off and on, I have been going over it in my mind and maintaining a healthy dose of resentment and anger (as if to punish them-never works…).

It was the headache that I have had for the last 2 days (I am not a headache person) that caught my attention. Our physical body alerts us to emotional imbalances when we pay attention. I was so busy focusing on my resentment that my body had to get my attention with a headache and it worked!

I sat quietly and came up with an easy release method for emotions like these.

Here is the 4 Step Self Inquiry Process:

Ask yourself these questions:

1. What will it take to let this go?

(Remember, our goal is to find our answers within. We don’t want to rely on anyone outside of ourselves to make us feel better).

My answer surprised me…I heard, “Just make the decision to let it go.” I thought to myself, “Seriously?” “That’s it?”

So I made the decision. I made up my mind to truly let it go, as the only person it’s hurting is me, (my mood, my emotional body and now my physical body.)

2. When will I let this go?

Sounds obvious but I had to think to myself, no more thinking about this…hmmmm. OK “NOW” was my answer. I immediately felt lighter.

3. Is there anything more?

Again, my answer surprised me. I heard, “YES.” “I am mad we spent a month thinking about this!”

 4. Are you ready to let this go?

I heard “YES!”

When I knew I was done I imagined myself under a beautiful white/golden light. As if I was standing on a stage and the light from above came down, cascading over me.

5 minutes later, when I was done,  I realized how light and refreshed I felt!

Now it’s the end of the day,  and I feel like my resentment is far, far away.  My lightness has stayed and I feel great! Wish I had done this a month ago!