Have you ever been in a funk and couldn’t get out?

Have you ever been in a “funk?” Just an overall bad mood for no reason?

Do you notice that for no given reason, these funks just seem to lift? It may take minutes, an hour, a day, or maybe longer but they eventually lift.. Why is that?

My belief it that we stop believing what our mind is telling us, the (untrue) story that keeps playing and re-playing over and over.

I noticed today that I was in a “funk” and when I sat for a few moments and paid attention to my thoughts, I was amazed at what my mind was telling me!  How bad “this” was and what a dead end “that” was. I felt my mood slip down a very slippery slope in no time into hopeless and sad.

3 EASY steps to lift a FUNK

Here’s what I did…

  1. Sit quietly, observe and  listen. The first step sounds so easy but when our mind is stuck in negativity and creating feelings of hopelessness, sadness, anger, being a victim etc, it’s the hardest step! This step helps us to separate from our thoughts.
  2. Loosen the grip of the ego/mind on us. I began to repeat this phrase/mantra: “I can trust myself, God and the universe.” I just sat quietly and said this slowly over and over again. (If using the word GOD doesn’t resonate, omit that part). After 1-2 rounds, I could feel my body loosen almost instantly.
  3. Separate from your mind. After about 15 minutes, I visualized the part of myself (my ego/mind) that was making me feel so bad and hopeless, step outside of myself and sit next to me. For me it looks like a holographic image of myself, move next to me. (You can’t get this wrong, so just let your mind create any image that represents the ego/mind/negative talking part of you.)

I suddenly felt weight-less, the thoughts creating my funk were quiet. I couldn’t get over how quickly my mind quieted.

The part of me connected to something much bigger than myself was present again and could hold a much bigger perspective on my life. New neutral, hopeful and even optimistic thoughts began to trickle in.  The greatest news was that the funk was gone and it was so easy!!!