It's all about LOVE!


While with a friend today, we were having a conversation about growth (spiritual, emotional etc.). She said growth for her was about how much love she has within herself. To her, the more love and light, the more growth she has done.  I LOVE THIS!

Many of us are under the impression (and in the illusion about growth) and search for accomplishments or things outside of ourselves.  We think that finding the right partner, the right house, the right friends or wearing the  best outfits  means we have grown or made something of ourselves. Maybe it’s the fancy car or clothes or how much money we make. THEN we THINK have grown into someone important.

The truth is that even after all of those accomplishments, or nice things or money, we may still feel empty inside or we find ourselves on a never ending quest for the "next best thing."  The happiness about those things fades shortly and we are back where we started from. It’s because we are looking for the answers outside of ourselves! The answer always comes back to love, and it really begins with ourselves. Because the more love I fill myself up with, the more love I have for everyone and everything around me. Life becomes so easy, the search for outside happiness begins to fade.

So the key to growth isn’t how many hours a day you meditate or do yoga, it is to start turning inward and filling yourselves up with love.  So simple!