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I've created a private group for the brave people who are ready to live in the healthiest version of themselves: The Adult Chair. It's a safe space, a place designated for you to share your vulnerability, to take off your masks and show the world who you really are. In here, we’re all learning to find our inner voices and speak up for ourselves!

If you're ready to take the next step in your own journey, request to join this group today.


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Wear these hats proud as part of the Adult Chair tribe of people striving to live authentically from their healthiest selves and helping to raise consciousness in our world. 

Let's together raise the awareness of the Adult Chair and help the world live with more love! 



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Join me for intimate and inspiring workshops based on the Adult Chair model of living. My intensives are filled with lectures, fulfilling group work, deep meditations, breathing exercises, bonding, and so much more!

Come join me for one of my inspirational and experiential intensives and learn how to transform your life using The Adult Chair model. It's a self-discovery model that will take you on a journey to find your true self, a self that is buried under pain, fears, and masks that we hide behind. Along the way, you will experience relief from — and discover the root of — anxiety, depression, codependency, relationship issues, love addiction and avoidance, and so many other areas that may leave you feeling stuck in your life. Your relationships will improve, starting with the relationship with yourself, as you come to understand how to truly, deeply, love yourself. Join in and together you will find your power, your voice, learn how to set boundaries, and live in your body in a grounded way.

Upcoming Workshops

Check back for new workshops coming Fall 2018!

Come join me for one of my inspirational and experiential intensives and learn how to transform your life using The Adult Chair model!

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Want to host an Adult Chair workshop in your own neighborhood and you're willing to help us get it done? Great! Send us a quick note and tell us more and so we can hit the ground running!

Michelle, It would be an understatement to say that you are a person who has found your passion and truly follows your passion. What a blessing for you and to all those who are fortunate enough to spend time with you. My (inner) child is loved and I know she will step through that chain link fence and I will be there to hold her hand when she does it, thank you for giving her me!
— Lana, 2017 Graduate
Thank you again, Michelle!! I have been teaching everyone around me about what I learned and even they have said they’ve seen a huge difference in how I’ve talked about myself and my relationship after all of this. I guess now that I’m thinking about it, I probably shouldn’t share too much so that they will feel inclined to sign up for the next one!! What you put together I know was a ton of work and I really appreciate it and I know everyone else did too! I just wanted to take a second to tell you how grateful I am about the whole experience.
— Ashley, 2017 Graduate
My higher power lead me first to The Adult Chair Podcast, and then miraculously from NYC to TN for The Adult Chair intensive weekend retreat. I now realize to change negative patterns (co-dependency, negative self-talk), one must put themselves in a safe, supportive, knowledgeable place to learn new ways of thinking, meditating, and being in the world. For me, this happened at Michelle’s intensive weekend. To show up for myself, to listen deeply to my inner child, recognize my adolescent tendencies and then lovingly learn to sit in the adult chair really landed during the two days with Michelle and friends. I have taken so MANY loving self-care tools from the weekend. I believe I am becoming a better me, a better friend, a better mother from what I learned during the retreat. Do yourself a favor, love yourself enough, and get to the next adult chair intensive!
— Tanya, 2017 Graduate
Thank you for a fabulous weekend! Thank you for the tools you gave me! Realizing that I am 60 years old and still have “stuff” is interesting in its own way, however, I now have a deeper understanding of myself, my child and my adolescent. I was really surprised that I knew my adolescent. I didn’t think I was in contact with her until I realized she was running the show and ALWAYS there! My road rage is much improved as I tell her I got it, she doesn’t need to help, she can just enjoy the drive.
Looking forward to a 3 day part 2!
— Maggie, 2017 Graduate

The Adult Chair: A Guide to Loving Yourself

I have seen thousands of clients during the 20 years I have been in private practice as a psychotherapist and coach. We have worked on a wide range of issues ranging from depression and anxiety to codependency and relationship problems with spouses and children, from weight loss and body hatred to job and money struggles. During that time, the Adult Chair model has proven to be the most simple and profound way I have found yet to help individuals and couples navigate the world as centered, peaceful, empowered people. 

How can I say this with such confidence? 

I have spent most of my 20 plus years in practice searching for new, different, and better ways to help people. I’ve tested the best with actual clients. Some of the approaches and models were just different twists on tradition, while others (like energy medicine, meditation, neurolinguistic programming and acupressure) were a bit more radical. The tools and approaches that really worked became part of my unique practice, and my clients have benefitted by experiencing much better results in much shorter time.

What you're about to buy is the best of those tools. 

I'm thrilled to offer this introduction to the Adult Chair to you today and start you on your own journey of discovery!

Note for International Readers! The link to Amazon points to the US domestic store. However, The Adult Chair is available in many stores around the world. Please open your local Amazon website and search for The Adult Chair Michelle Chalfant to buy the book in your local area and currency. Thank you!

Dearest Michelle, to say that I have changed is an understatement. I am a new person because of the work I have done with you. Learning how to sit in my Adult Chair has given me back the power that I lost and raised the self - esteem that I never had. I wish I could find words to express the gratitude that I have for your work and your time with me. You are truly an angel. Thank you for everything.
— Christina S.
Dear Michelle, where do I begin? In two sessions with you, you have given us more than our other therapist did in 2 years! My husband and I are thrilled to have found you. The work you are doing with the chairs in incredible and so valuable for individuals and couples. We both love your approach and plan to recommend our friends see you so we can all speak the “Adult Chair language” together. We are thrilled to have found you.
— Tanya K.
Michelle is like a chiropractor for your soul.
— Amy O.
Michelle, I have no words for how grateful I am. The biggest news is that I am off my anxiety meds! This adult chair work has changed my life profoundly. I am forever better thanks to you and the work you are doing. Please don’t ever stop, people need you in our world. Thank you so much for all you do.
— Eva S.


We're working hard to cultivate a library of articles, videos, and other resources to support our clients. We invite you to read and research, and please contact us if you have any questions.

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This week, we're talking about EFT, or "Emotional Freedom Technique." You may have heard of it referred to as tapping for short, and it's one of my favorite tools for helping my clients break free from anxiety, depression, generalized stress — even physical pain and performance issues! It involves tapping along your meridian system with your fingertips — the very same meridians you may be familiar with in acupuncture — to help move clogged emotional energy through your system.

Public Speaking

Michelle is available to join your group or event to present her work dedicated to living authentically in The Adult Chair. Her honest and engaged style allows her to lead groups through difficult challenges — as individuals and teams — with grace. Her work brings groups together and cultivates the natural and authentic community within us. 

Michelle is equally adept as a keynote speaker with corporate groups undergoing complex change or reorganization as she is with associations in healing circles and individuals seeking personal growth. Her strength is in demonstrating the power of authentic living, and the strength we can apply in our personal and professional lives when we begin this work.

For more information, please submit the speaking inquiry form below with details on your event. We will be in touch within a business day. 

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